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Hazelnut Depot

As a hazelnut grower and exporter, Hazelnut Depot, a trademark of Deha Fındık Pazarlama İç ve Dış Tic. A. Ş. , procures a product range of the world’s best hazelnuts to the leading snack, bakery, ice cream and chocolate industries across the continents, reaching out to the world-renowned factories of the industry with high quality standards.

Our company also strives to enhance production modes and rural lifestyles in the high lands of the province (specifically in Ordu – Korgan area with its 500 meters of altitude), which offers the best adaptation capability possible to our main product: Turkish hazelnut.

Why choose us?

As experts of the product based in the production area and surrounded by hazelnut factories, we are a step ahead in the service of our customers with our focus on taking action and solving problems rapidly as well as our strong communication networks, planned productions, and accurate and timely deliveries.

Our products with ISO 22000, IFS, BRC, halal, kosher certificates are prepared in the leading factories of the sector and are delivered safely to Europe and the world after passing the control of our quality department with the latest technology laboratories through physical, chemical, organoleptic and characteristic analysis results.With our team comprised of international trade experts, we guarantee a cost-effective reliable service with the best price guarantee, consultancy, pre-sales and after-sales quality services, successful logistics, supply-chain management and risk analysis.

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Turkish Hazelnuts

Hazelnuts are very nutritious and healthful. The oil fraction is rich in oleic acid, phytosterols, Vitamin E, and squalene; this special composition may help diminish the risk of coronary and oxidative stress-induced diseases.

Dietary antioxidants counteract free radicals, promoters of oxidative deterioration; the assumption is that hazelnut antioxidants might be a valuable aid against oxidative stress-mediated disorders and diseases, such as inflammatory, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases, and cancer. Because of their richness in nutrients and their bioactive health-promoting compounds, there are good reasons for profitably including hazelnuts as part of a nutritious and functional diet.

The most abundant antioxidants in hazelnuts are known as phenolic compounds. They are proven to help decrease blood cholesterol and inflammation.

Our Products

Our goal is to provide the best quality and healthy food to our customers while promoting fair trade practices and the most up to date farming techniques among our producers, comprised of farmer families in Ordu, Turkey.

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