Week 32

After a long wait, the prices were finally announced. For the 2021 hazelnut season, TMO’s purchase prices have been determined as 27 TL for Giresun quality and 26.5 TL for levant quality.

Despite the high price expectations for weeks, the announced price was in line with the expectations of exporters. An increase of 20 percent in the hazelnut price, which was announced as 22 TL in the 2020 hazelnut season, compared to the expected inflation rate in August this year, will cause the producers to react.

Now the eyes will be on the free market prices to be announced by Ferrero, the biggest buyer of the hazelnut market. It is not known how the hazelnut market will react according to the expected product quality, but Levant quality natural hazelnuts in the free market will find buyers for a minimum of 5,50 – 5,65 Euro (DAP europe) for a while. ( If the value of the turkish lira remains stable )