Çakıldak | TS3075

Çakıldak is also very suitable for industrial consumption due to its lower F.F.A (free fatty acid) content, longer shelf life. We would particularly emphasize the availability of “çakıldak” (or “delisaya” in the western Black Sea region), a variety of Turkish hazelnut (Corylus avellana L.) widely grown in middle and high altitudes and specific to our Ordu province, notorious for its adaptation to extreme climate and harsh soil conditions. This product of ours is a forest tree species playing a key role in climate change scenarios inasmuch as it adapts to almost all ecological conditions and has a very high yield and large nut size (17.6 mm).

All of the Turkish hazelnuts skin by product, being remarkably rich in phenolics, is proposed as an excellent source of natural and powerful antioxidants.

The most important feature distinguishing “çakıldak” from other hazelnut varieties is that it contains more antioxidants because of the thickest skin structure it has. This thick skin structure protects the hazelnut during crushing and reduces the disintegration rate. On the other hand, despite this protective structure, it is easily roasted and is a special product that can be easily separated from its skin when roasted.

Our “Çakıldak” kernels are always freshly cracked from the latest crop. Our healthy hazelnut kernels have brown skin and regular color; all of the products are hand-picked from sufficiently developed plants. We make sure no damages are caused by pests during storage.

Our “Çakıldak” kernels are crunchy and firm to the bite; has flawless smell & taste. They are neither bitter nor acidic and rancid. They are not stained nor moldy. Except people with nut allergies, the “Çakıldak” hazelnut does not trigger any other food related allergies. Our products are fully confirmed to vegetarian and vegan diets.

We highly recommend you to store “Çakıldak” kernels at dry storage at approximately 19 cellular degree and not more than 12 months. Please make sure that the packaging is not damaged during the length of storage.


9-11mm, 11-13mm, 13-15 mm, 15+mm

50 kg Jute Bags | 80 kg Jute Bags | 1000 kg Big Bags | 25 kg Plastic Vacuum Bags (+ Cartons if requested) | 25 kg Aluminum Vacuum Bags (+ Cartons if requested)

It can be used
It can be used as raw material for chocolate, in confectionary industry and as a snack for the end user and also as the raw material for processed and fully processed hazelnuts.