Week 35

Ferrero announced the purchase price in the free market as 25 TL. After Ferrero’s announcement, prices gained a downward movement. Main suppliers cannot easily sell hazelnuts to Ferrero, which has changed its purchasing policy and expanded its supply network. This causes the supply in the free market to increase rapidly and may increase the possibility of prices falling.

Until this time, there is no quality problem in hazelnuts released to the free market. However, due to the ongoing bad weather conditions, concerns about quality continue

The decrease in exchange rates puts pressure on decreasing prices in the short term. Therefore, there is not much decrease in export prices. In international reports, it is stated that the foreign exchange index may rise against TL only towards the end of the year. And at the moment the currency index is also falling. Therefore, we think these weeks are the right time for buyers to meet their hazelnut needs and close their contracts.