Week 45

As New Year’s Eve approaches, the hazelnut market has started to calm down a bit and TL prices are stabil.

The depreciation of the Turkish lira is increasing. As we stated in our report last week, the effects of the FED’s announcement that it will gradually reduce its bond purchases are a factor in this. In addition, the high expected inflation in the USA causes contraction in money markets and affects the currencies of developing countries. For this reason, the depreciation of the Turkish Lira seems to continue.

These changes in money markets cause a decrease in export prices and turn into an advantage for companies waiting to meet their 2022 needs.

The title of our report last week was “Is it the right time to meet 2022 needs? I think we will find the answer to the question ‘ these days. But given the quality problems experienced this year, we should not forget to meet these needs from the right place.

The FED’s decision to reduce bond purchases (rumors and messages in this direction) may cause the currencies of developing countries to depreciate against exchange rates. In other words, TL may lose value again and this may turn into an opportunity to meet the needs of 2022.