Week 31

While the new season price is expected to be announced with the visit of President Erdogan these days, there are delays due to the extraordinary situations in the country. Hazelnut harvest will start on August 7th, but the purchase price of TMO is still uncertain. This uncertainty causes the debate on the recount result to continue.

The head of KIB (Black Sea Exporters Association), in the TV program broadcast on NTV today, stated that the forecasts they make every year before the harvest time are very close to the truth, so everyone should believe this forecast.

Explaining that they expect a result of over 800 thousand tons, the head of KIB said that prices should not affect Turkey’s competitiveness and should not encourage other countries to produce hazelnuts.

In these days when all these uncertainties are experienced, the Turkish lira has started to lose value for two days, while the buyers continue to wait impatiently for the contracts they will close for new season.

Perhaps the last days of these uncertainties and expectations can turn into a surprise for buyers.